woman sitting at a sewing machine

Using Scraps of Fabric to Make Jewelry

We all have moments of creativity from time to time, and getting in touch with your artistic side does not have to be expensive. A great way to tap into your talent is by using scraps of fabric to make jewelry. Old clothing in your closet could be the secret to your next statement piece. With those time tattered shirts, blouses, and tank tops, you can make beautiful new additions to your wardrobe.

The various fabric stores in Long Beach, CA, are great places to find inspiration for clothing and accessories. Some of the more popular ideas include:

Fabric Balls: Take your small squares of cloth, scrunch them up into balls, and tie them with ribbon and voila! A new bracelet or necklace emerges.

Fabric Flowers: Extra decals from old purses or sweaters can be sewn together for a bold statement piece.

T-Shirts:  Cut up your old shirts, weave them together, and you can easily end up with a new headband for your hair, a funky new bracelet, or a new necklace for your collection.

At any of the fabric stores in Long Beach, CA, there are many different types of bits and bobs to tie your loose ends together. Sparkly stones, bright buttons, or even some metallic threads, are all great extras that take your one-of-kind jewelry piece to a whole new level. Whatever you do, take pride in your work because it can never be duplicated, only adored.