Wood Craft Supplies Help You Enjoy Time with Your Kids

Some of the oldest toys and décor ideas in the world were made of wood. If you’re looking for a way to spend time with the kids while teaching them craft skills and creating something worthwhile, this natural material could be the perfect answer. With just some basic wood craft supplies, you can transform any day into an opportunity for bonding. Plus, you’ll get inexpensive items you can cherish together for a lifetime.

The best part? Crafting is a hobby you can share across the years. As kids get older, all you have to do is make the projects a little more complex. During the younger years, though, there are plenty of easy ideas that are safe, simple, and customizable based on your child’s favorite colors and hobbies. Here are a few ideas:

Magnet Airplane Clip — Want something easy, practical, and possible with only basic wood craft supplies? A clothespin, a magnet strip, some popsicle-style sticks, and glue can quickly become a colorful plane for the fridge. Just glue down the sticks for wings and attach the magnet, and then cut a craft foam or paper triangle to complete the tail.

Craft Stick Buildings — Speaking of sticks, you can make a whole house, barn, or other building with just a handful of them, a firm sheet of paper, and some glue. Pick a place your kids like and recreate it with them!

Jumbo Dice — Take a chance on these fun and simple crafts. All you’ll need in the way of wood craft supplies is a couple of blocks, some paint, colorful paper, and glue. Let the kids paint each surface with their favorite colors while you cut or punch out circles of paper to make the dots. Then, help them count out the right amount to make functional dice.