Let Your Kids Make Their Own Toys with Wood Craft Supplies

Everyone’s heard the tales of kids abandoning their Christmas or birthday presents to instead play with the boxes that they came in. At Fabric Barn Inc., we know what this really means: when kids have the choice, they prefer to let their imaginations soar. Which is precisely why letting kids paint their own toys is such a fantastic idea!

Fabric Barn Inc., has a wonderful selection of wood craft supplies that are ideal for any child’s painting projects. Choose from:

  • Wooden Chairs
  • Wooden Trains
  • Wooden Rolling Pins
  • Model Log Cabin Kits
  • Wooden Boxes & Mini-Coffins
  • Wooden Mini Spindle Tables
  • And So Much More

Check out all our wooden products and wood craft supplies today.

Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity

No two kids are the same, so why should all their toys be? By giving your children the permission to let their imagination run wild, they’ll create one-of-a-kind toys that they’ll be sure to cherish for years to come. Does your little one want a neon-pink train or a polka-dotted wooden cabin? No problem. By combining paint and wood craft supplies, there’s no telling what your kids will come up with. But one thing is for sure: they’ll have the time of their lives creating their own uniquely colored toy.

A Great Way to Spend Time Together

When you make your own toys, the creative process can be even more entertaining than playing with the toys afterward. If you’re looking for a way to spend quality time together as a family, helping your kids paint their own toys and room décor is a fantastic solution. Not only will it keep your kids occupied, but it will also help them explore their creative side and learn new things. The time you spend bonding with them is also valuable.

Painting wooden toys is a simple craft that kids of almost any age to do, so it’s a great way to allow youger kids in on the fun. If you have both toddlers and older kids, this is a great activity that they can enjoy together.

Whether you visit our store in Long Beach, California, or shop for crafting supplies online, Fabric Barn has everything you need to keep the whole family entertained.