Essential Jewelry-Making Supplies for Your Business in Long Beach, CA

If you’ve turned your passion for crafting into a business, you already know that you need the right tools to achieve the best results. But what are the must-have tools and accessories that you need to bring your creativity to life? As an online shop for jewelry-making supplies in Long Beach, CA, we have some suggestions. Here are some essentials that will help you make your one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, and more.

  1. Flat-Nose Pliers These will be the most versatile items in your tool kit. Using two pairs at a time will help you complete a range of tasks without crimping the metal. Make sure you choose pliers with smooth surfaces between the jaws.
  2. Nylon-Tipped Pliers If you make a mistake while working, these pliers will help you straighten out your material.
  3. Round-Nose Pliers With these, you can make wire loops and hoops, jump rings, clasps, and bends.
  4. Wire Cutters – Good wire cutters are a must. Go ahead and spend a little extra on a quality pair, or even go for the flush cutters – there are cheaper ones out there, but they tend to wear out pretty quickly.
  5. Wire – Wire is made from a variety of metals and comes in a range of thicknesses. Thicker wire (such as 24-gauge wire) is good for pieces that require a little more strength or whose beads have wider holes. Thinner wire (such as 30-gauge wire) is for your more delicate projects.
  6. Disk Punch – This will let you cut out identical shapes repeatedly.
  7. Jeweler’s Saw – If you are working with intricate designs and fine details, a jeweler’s saw will be one of your go-to art supplies.