Contact an Art Supply Store in Long Beach, CA, for Craft Room Tips

You’ve got a crafty bent to you and have finally decided to take the plunge and set up your home crafting room. So, what do you do? Do you hunker over a table in the corner of your bedroom? Take control of the kitchen table? Grab the prime real estate in front of the TV?

Those are options, yes, but not good ones. You need a dedicated space where you can work on projects without distraction and not have to worry about unpacking and packing materials and tools when you feel like being creative. At Fabric Barn Inc., our art supply store in Long Beach, CA, we have plenty of experience in helping our customers settle into their own crafty nooks at home, and we’re going to offer a few tips here.

Find a functional table that is sturdy and has plenty of room.

Use a spot with plenty of natural light.

Choose storage containers and other accessible forms of storage space. Shelving is always an excellent addition because there never seems to be enough room to place things.

A pegboard is great for hanging your tools. Make sure you have all the hooks you think you will need, and then buy some more at an arts and crafts supply store.

Have a movable bright light to illuminate your detail work.

Use a rubber mat that will be comfortable if you’re standing for hours doing crafts. Make sure you’ve got a supportive chair as well because some work just can’t be done while sitting down. A wheeled chair is the best option as it allows you to easily roll from the supply bin back to your crafting table.

Once you’ve got your space, then you need to head to our art supply store for the supplies you will need to make the most of it.