young family in halloween costumes

Making Your Own Halloween Decorations With Craft Supplies

Many people’s favorite time of year for crafting is certainly the holidays. It’s such an easy and fun way to appreciate the season and create family traditions. The fall is perfect for this with the anticipation of Halloween. To make fabulously spooky decor, just buy craft supplies online and get ready to make some creepy crafts.

Grab a cup of coffee (or two) and snuggle in for some haunting Halloween inspiration that is fun for the entire family. Get ready to get creative with your kids when you try out this Halloween craft project:

Paper Bat Halloween Craft

For a dark, fluttery Halloween craft, paper bats are just the thing. You can use different paper bats from year to year, and they create a dramatic effect with little effort. If you buy craft supplies online and include black construction paper, then you’ll have zero trips to the craft store.

  • Gather your supplies:
  • Glue dots
  • Scissors
  • Black construction paper
  • Paper Bat templates

If you remember these items when you buy craft supplies online, you’ll be all set.

Next, to make a template, simply search for “ Paper Bats” on Google and then click on “Google Images.” Make sure the size of the image is big enough for what you want (to fit on the 8″x 10″ construction paper).

Next, cut out the templates. All you need to do is fold the black construction paper in half and align the center of the bat along the crease. You may want to space them out to make several bats per page, depending on your template’s size. While you could find paper bats when you buy craft supplies online, it just wouldn’t be as much fun. Just hold the paper template steady and cut around it.

Placing Your Bats

Once the bats are cut, and you have a pile of different sizes to choose from, get out your step ladder and start putting them up. The small bats get one glue dot, and the larger bats get two. Try to create is a sense of movement, to make it look like they are flying up (randomly) but in some sort of flock up and in a swooping direction.