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How to Make a Birdhouse out of a Milk Carton

Believe it or not, there are some awesome summer-themed crafts out there that don’t require any special tools or skills. They’re great for parents who don’t consider themselves “crafty.” Anyone can get creative with a visit to an online craft store and giving simple ideas like the one below a try.  Try this great summer craft idea with your kids!

Milk Carton Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

Milk carton birdhouses and bird feeders are a quick and easy kids craft idea. Just head to the recycling bin and to your favorite online craft store to find craft supplies for a fun project:

To create our milk carton birdhouses, start by applying a light coat of white spray paint to the recycled milk or juice carton to cover the package lettering.

Have the kids coat the sides of the carton with school glue and apply the tissue paper squares. Gently brush the tissue squares with the sponge brush to ensure that all the edges are glued down and allow to dry. Fold a piece of cardboard in half and cover with glue and tissue paper squares from an online craft store. Set aside and let dry.

Cut an opening for the door. If you’d like a birdhouse, use a smaller sized opening, and for a bird feeder, cut a larger rectangular opening. About an inch below the door, use an X-Acto knife (parents) to cut two small slits in an “X” shape and insert the handle of a wooden spoon (available from your kitchen drawer, if not at an online craft store) to create your perch. Before pushing it all the way in, add a generous dab of glue to attach the end of the spoon to the interior back of the carton.

On your roof piece, cut two small slits about 2″ apart and thread through your twine. Tie a secure knot. Using the school glue (or hot glue if you don’t want to wait for school glue to dry), attach the roof to your carton. Give the milk carton birdhouses a couple of coats of spray varnish, and hang them up outside.