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Crafting Party Ideas to Entertain Kids Stuck at Home

How do you keep the kids occupied when they’re not in school? One fun and creative way to engage their attention is to plan a crafting party. Start planning by answering a few questions and then buy your craft supplies online to make it convenient:

The Age of the Guests — Younger children may have certain restrictions:

Are they old enough to know not to put crafts in their mouth?

Are they old enough to use scissors?

How Many Guests to Invite –– A couple to several is plenty of children who need attention and direction. The older they are, the more independently they can work.

Pick a Project — A seasonal theme is always fun. This gets children and grownups alike in the mood for the holidays. Another popular idea is wood crafts. You can find craft supplies online that include everything you need.

Decorate with Abandon — Put up balloons, streamers, and examples of the craft project. This gets everyone excited.

Don’t Forget the Food — You don’t have to plan a meal, but certainly have lots of finger foods on-hand. They’re too busy coloring, cutting, and pasting to sit down for a meal.

No Need for Party Favors — The project itself is what the children get to take home and proudly show off.

To get ready for your party, answer these questions and then buy your craft supplies.