red, white, and blue wood planks

Craft Your Own Decorations For The Fourth Of July

The summer is almost upon us, and so is the season for red, white, and blue! Get into the patriotic spirit by creating a fun Fourth of July craft with your kids. Here are a few easy, festive crafts that will give your Independence Day a little extra pop. Buy craft supplies online and have arts and crafts day when the supplies arrive!

Dye-It-Yourself Flowers

Art meets science in this clever DIY project. Pick some daisies, grab a little food coloring, and get ready to wow your kids.  Prepare red and blue food coloring in separate cups and dip in parts of the white daisy blooms. These patriotic blooms make the perfect centerpiece.

Patriotic Accessories

Not only is this an excellent way to practice fine motor skills, but it’ll let your little one dress up for Independence Day in style. If you buy craft supplies online, you’re sure to find red, white, and blue beads and bead wire. Help your little one choose beads and make lovely, patriotic bracelets and necklaces for the big day.

Lollipop Topiary

Are you expecting a crowd this Fourth of July? A delicious red and blue lollipop topiary is an easy, kid-friendly centerpiece that will make any party pop. Gather up red and blue lollipops, and include a small, green garden foam when you buy craft supplies online. Fill a small plant pot with the foam and poke all the lollipops in until they form a large, round topiary shape, growing out the plant pot.