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Buy Art Supplies Online For Fun DIY Fall Décor Projects

It’s that time of year again–the time when coffee shops whip out their pumpkin spice, stores stock up their Halloween aisles, and the air feels just a little bit crisper. It is time to let the changing season and foliage outside inspire your décor inside. Take a minute to read through these fun ideas for DIY fall decorations. And don’t forget that a trip to the store isn’t necessary; you can buy art supplies online for any craft or decoration that you can imagine. Check out two of our favorite (and easy) crafts here.

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason jars aren’t just for pickling vegetables. You can make a truly impressive variety of decorations using the humble Mason jar. For an autumn-themed candle holder, simply attach some brightly colored faux leaves to the inside of the jar using transparent glue. Next, tie a cute bow around the threads of the jar using ribbon or twine. Finally, place a battery-operated tea light in the jar and watch as it beautifully illuminates the fall foliage.

Glamorous Pumpkins

Add a little ambiance to your porch or deck with a glamorous pumpkin makeover. You’ve heard about carving pumpkins, but that’s not where the fun has to end. Buy art supplies online and then use them to jazz up your pumpkin. Try bedazzling your pumpkin with glitter and jewels, or create a unique fall-themed canvas by covering your pumpkin with chalkboard paint.

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Crafting Party Ideas to Entertain Kids Stuck at Home

How do you keep the kids occupied when they’re not in school? One fun and creative way to engage their attention is to plan a crafting party. Start planning by answering a few questions and then buy your craft supplies online to make it convenient:

The Age of the Guests — Younger children may have certain restrictions:

Are they old enough to know not to put crafts in their mouth?

Are they old enough to use scissors?

How Many Guests to Invite –– A couple to several is plenty of children who need attention and direction. The older they are, the more independently they can work.

Pick a Project — A seasonal theme is always fun. This gets children and grownups alike in the mood for the holidays. Another popular idea is wood crafts. You can find craft supplies online that include everything you need.

Decorate with Abandon — Put up balloons, streamers, and examples of the craft project. This gets everyone excited.

Don’t Forget the Food — You don’t have to plan a meal, but certainly have lots of finger foods on-hand. They’re too busy coloring, cutting, and pasting to sit down for a meal.

No Need for Party Favors — The project itself is what the children get to take home and proudly show off.

To get ready for your party, answer these questions and then buy your craft supplies.





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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers make excellent interior design elements because they bring the beauty of nature indoors. They are careful imitations of natural flowering plants but do not need maintenance. The revival of artificial flowers is in full swing. They can add interest and pizazz to any room in any season. In addition, we can also source floral supplies online in bulk for weddings, or for Easter or Christmas decorations, or simply to embellish a new space.

Here are four fantastic DIY projects you can create with artificial flowers:

Spring Door Wreath – Handcraft a lovely spring door wreath a natural sturdy grapevine base. Add faux colorful artificial flower blossoms, and berries, faux lavender blooms, and wispy pink silk flowers. This wreath makes a great spring wreath into late summer, perfect colors for an Easter wreath display as well.

Mini Bouquets – Order floral supplies online, and when delivered to your door, create beautiful mini bouquets. They make adorable gifts and can easily be attached to a card or thank-you note.

Botanical Wall Hangings – This DIY floral idea is very effective with little effort. Simply press artificial flowers into picture frames with backgrounds of colorful paper. Just hang them on bare walls to add farmhouse warmth to any room.

Floral Napkin Rings – Flowers are a lovely touch for any table setting. You can create floral napkin holders using clear shower rings. Attach artificial flower heads and small bits of greenery from your floral supplies online to the rings to create a spring color pop for your table.

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How to Make a Birdhouse out of a Milk Carton

Believe it or not, there are some awesome summer-themed crafts out there that don’t require any special tools or skills. They’re great for parents who don’t consider themselves “crafty.” Anyone can get creative with a visit to an online craft store and giving simple ideas like the one below a try.  Try this great summer craft idea with your kids!

Milk Carton Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

Milk carton birdhouses and bird feeders are a quick and easy kids craft idea. Just head to the recycling bin and to your favorite online craft store to find craft supplies for a fun project:

To create our milk carton birdhouses, start by applying a light coat of white spray paint to the recycled milk or juice carton to cover the package lettering.

Have the kids coat the sides of the carton with school glue and apply the tissue paper squares. Gently brush the tissue squares with the sponge brush to ensure that all the edges are glued down and allow to dry. Fold a piece of cardboard in half and cover with glue and tissue paper squares from an online craft store. Set aside and let dry.

Cut an opening for the door. If you’d like a birdhouse, use a smaller sized opening, and for a bird feeder, cut a larger rectangular opening. About an inch below the door, use an X-Acto knife (parents) to cut two small slits in an “X” shape and insert the handle of a wooden spoon (available from your kitchen drawer, if not at an online craft store) to create your perch. Before pushing it all the way in, add a generous dab of glue to attach the end of the spoon to the interior back of the carton.

On your roof piece, cut two small slits about 2″ apart and thread through your twine. Tie a secure knot. Using the school glue (or hot glue if you don’t want to wait for school glue to dry), attach the roof to your carton. Give the milk carton birdhouses a couple of coats of spray varnish, and hang them up outside.

red, white, and blue wood planks

Craft Your Own Decorations For The Fourth Of July

The summer is almost upon us, and so is the season for red, white, and blue! Get into the patriotic spirit by creating a fun Fourth of July craft with your kids. Here are a few easy, festive crafts that will give your Independence Day a little extra pop. Buy craft supplies online and have arts and crafts day when the supplies arrive!

Dye-It-Yourself Flowers

Art meets science in this clever DIY project. Pick some daisies, grab a little food coloring, and get ready to wow your kids.  Prepare red and blue food coloring in separate cups and dip in parts of the white daisy blooms. These patriotic blooms make the perfect centerpiece.

Patriotic Accessories

Not only is this an excellent way to practice fine motor skills, but it’ll let your little one dress up for Independence Day in style. If you buy craft supplies online, you’re sure to find red, white, and blue beads and bead wire. Help your little one choose beads and make lovely, patriotic bracelets and necklaces for the big day.

Lollipop Topiary

Are you expecting a crowd this Fourth of July? A delicious red and blue lollipop topiary is an easy, kid-friendly centerpiece that will make any party pop. Gather up red and blue lollipops, and include a small, green garden foam when you buy craft supplies online. Fill a small plant pot with the foam and poke all the lollipops in until they form a large, round topiary shape, growing out the plant pot.

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Quarantine Craft Ideas

Many people are stumped about what to do for fun or how to entertain the kids during the quarantine. We’ve rewatched all the Harry Potter movies. We’ve rearranged our kitchens and even given exercise more focus. Well, if you’re in need of some more inspiration, here are some awesome examples of easy craft projects you can try during the coronavirus quarantine. Pop to an online craft store to order some supplies and give these craft projects a try.

Quarantine Cardboard Art – The easiest quarantine craft to do at home! Turn all your Amazon delivery boxes into colorful wall art by cutting out geometric shapes, painting them with acrylic paint, and gluing them together into abstract wall art.

Ribbon Vases – Gather all your ribbon scraps and get a square or rectangular glass vase. Glue the ribbons to the outside of the vase to give it a colorful makeover. Maybe you can even add some pom-pom trim. You can find lots of ribbon at an online craft store if you don’t have any ribbon scraps on hand.

Wine Cork Vases – Many people are drinking a little more wine while stuck at home, so put those corks to some creative use. If you have started a collection of wine corks, this is a fun way to show them off. Glue them to a rectangular tall glass vase.

Cupcake Wrapper Wreath – If you have some cupcake liners in your pantry, flatten them and layer them on top of each other to create colorful flowers, and then glue them to a styrofoam wreath form.

homemade hair bows

Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Oversized hair clips are quite trendy lately. They are easy to use, they look great in all lengths and types of hair, and they give a little pop of interest to your outfit. Pearl, raffia-wrapped, and statement clips are having their heyday, so why don’t you have a bit of crafting fun and make your own? Just buy craft supplies online, including a pack of plain hair clips, to create some unique hair accessories. Here are a few ideas.

Pearl Clip

If you include a bag of faux pearls when you buy craft supplies online, you can make an easy pearl clip. You can use all one size of pearl or different sizes. Use hot glue to attach the pearls, or you can also use super glue gel. If the pearls have holes for stringing, place the holes facing each other so you can’t see them. You may want to use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to place really small beads. Make sure to let the glue fully set until your clip is ready to wear.

Raffia Clip

If you get a bag of colored raffia when you buy craft supplies online, you can make a raffia clip. You will need to use either a rectangular clip or one that has the cutout in the middle so that you can wrap raffia all the way around the frame. Hot glue works well for this clip, as you can glue it to the frame and then wrap it around itself a few times for stability. Just keep wrapping until the whole thing is covered and glue the end in place underneath the clip.

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Buy Art Supplies Online and Learn to Paint This Spring

If you always fancied learning to paint, there is no better time to do it than this spring. There is no need to break quarantine or go outside.  You can buy art supplies online and have them delivered right to your door.

There are some simple steps you can follow:

Step 1 – Consider Why You Want to Take up Painting

You will want to consider why you want to take up painting and what you would like to get from it. Your answers will guide you in what you should focus on learning.  You can buy art supplies online.  Some people do not have the patience to sit and accurately render every tone and detail of a subject, so they may better enjoy learning color and brushwork from the Impressionists.

Step 2 – Pick Your Medium (Acrylics, Oils or Watercolors)

Next, you need to decide on a medium on which to focus. This will help so you can pay more attention to the big-picture aspects of painting, like color and composition. The major choices are oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

Step 3 – Buy Art Supplies

It’s now time to stock up and buy art supplies online. You will not need that much to begin. The supplies you get will vary depending on the medium you choose.

All you need is:

  • An Easel to Hold Your Artwork
  • Canvas (for acrylic or oil painters) or Paper (for watercolor painters)
  • A Palette for Color Mixing
  • Brushes (for your chosen medium)
  • A Palette Knife
  • Paints
  • Solvent (for oil painting)
  • Paper Towels (for wiping your brush between strokes)
crafting supplies

Learn a New Craft with Help from an Online Craft Store

Break out the glue and scissors — it’s time to start crafting.

After a few days of binge-watching Netflix, chances are you and your family will be quite bored with self-quarantine.  Keep your hands busy by learning a new craft.  Not only will crafting projects keep you and your kids busy for hours, but once you’re finished, you’ll also have functional and decorative items. It’s easy to find all the materials you need at an online craft store and have these delivered to your home.

Take Up Knitting

Knitting is a terrific way to keep your hands busy.  There are so many cool projects you can make.  All you need to get started with knitting is yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Then, just look up a web tutorial that explains the basics of knitting and start your creation. You can find many patterns, needles, and yarn supplies at an online craft store. If you’re new to the craft, we recommend starting out with a simple project like a scarf.

Pressed Flowers Make for Pretty Artwork

Pressing flowers is an easy art project in which to involve your kids.  It makes lovely wall art to keep or give as gifts. To press flowers, just arrange fresh flowers between two sheets of paper towels, and then place a bunch of heavy books on top of them. Leave them this way for a week, and your flowers will be flat and dry.  You can find glue, cardstock, and frames at an online craft store. Simply glue your dried flowers to a piece of cardstock and place it in a frame to create a piece of custom floral artwork.

hand-painted sneakers

Personalize Your Shoes with Paint

We’ve all got fashions and accessories that could use a little TLC. With the price of new clothing and shoes on a steady incline, you have to become more innovative on how to make things last a bit longer while keeping it modern and, more importantly, uniquely you.

A great example of this type of imaginative and resourceful approach is by personalizing a pair of old shoes or boots with paint. If you buy craft supplies online, consider adding some acrylic paints to the order. Other supplies include pencils, paintbrushes, water, paper towel, and of course, the footwear. Once you have your materials, it’s time to make your masterpiece.

Start by sketching shapes on to your shoes using a pencil. This way, you can easily erase a mistake. Your pattern could be anything, so be playful and have fun.

Use a variety of paintbrushes to color your sketch. Paintbrushes, like most materials, are very affordable if you buy craft supplies online. There’s no limit to the design and color options, so you’ll never have to worry about a knock-off.

It may take a few coats to get the color and coverage that you want, but be patient; the shoes won’t get up and walk away on their own.

Finally, be sure to allow the designs plenty of time to dry. In just a little while, you’ll be stepping out in style.