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Buy Art Supplies Online and Learn to Paint This Spring

If you always fancied learning to paint, there is no better time to do it than this spring. There is no need to break quarantine or go outside.  You can buy art supplies online and have them delivered right to your door.

There are some simple steps you can follow:

Step 1 – Consider Why You Want to Take up Painting

You will want to consider why you want to take up painting and what you would like to get from it. Your answers will guide you in what you should focus on learning.  You can buy art supplies online.  Some people do not have the patience to sit and accurately render every tone and detail of a subject, so they may better enjoy learning color and brushwork from the Impressionists.

Step 2 – Pick Your Medium (Acrylics, Oils or Watercolors)

Next, you need to decide on a medium on which to focus. This will help so you can pay more attention to the big-picture aspects of painting, like color and composition. The major choices are oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

Step 3 – Buy Art Supplies

It’s now time to stock up and buy art supplies online. You will not need that much to begin. The supplies you get will vary depending on the medium you choose.

All you need is:

  • An Easel to Hold Your Artwork
  • Canvas (for acrylic or oil painters) or Paper (for watercolor painters)
  • A Palette for Color Mixing
  • Brushes (for your chosen medium)
  • A Palette Knife
  • Paints
  • Solvent (for oil painting)
  • Paper Towels (for wiping your brush between strokes)
crafting supplies

Learn a New Craft with Help from an Online Craft Store

Break out the glue and scissors — it’s time to start crafting.

After a few days of binge-watching Netflix, chances are you and your family will be quite bored with self-quarantine.  Keep your hands busy by learning a new craft.  Not only will crafting projects keep you and your kids busy for hours, but once you’re finished, you’ll also have functional and decorative items. It’s easy to find all the materials you need at an online craft store and have these delivered to your home.

Take Up Knitting

Knitting is a terrific way to keep your hands busy.  There are so many cool projects you can make.  All you need to get started with knitting is yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Then, just look up a web tutorial that explains the basics of knitting and start your creation. You can find many patterns, needles, and yarn supplies at an online craft store. If you’re new to the craft, we recommend starting out with a simple project like a scarf.

Pressed Flowers Make for Pretty Artwork

Pressing flowers is an easy art project in which to involve your kids.  It makes lovely wall art to keep or give as gifts. To press flowers, just arrange fresh flowers between two sheets of paper towels, and then place a bunch of heavy books on top of them. Leave them this way for a week, and your flowers will be flat and dry.  You can find glue, cardstock, and frames at an online craft store. Simply glue your dried flowers to a piece of cardstock and place it in a frame to create a piece of custom floral artwork.

hand-painted sneakers

Personalize Your Shoes with Paint

We’ve all got fashions and accessories that could use a little TLC. With the price of new clothing and shoes on a steady incline, you have to become more innovative on how to make things last a bit longer while keeping it modern and, more importantly, uniquely you.

A great example of this type of imaginative and resourceful approach is by personalizing a pair of old shoes or boots with paint. If you buy craft supplies online, consider adding some acrylic paints to the order. Other supplies include pencils, paintbrushes, water, paper towel, and of course, the footwear. Once you have your materials, it’s time to make your masterpiece.

Start by sketching shapes on to your shoes using a pencil. This way, you can easily erase a mistake. Your pattern could be anything, so be playful and have fun.

Use a variety of paintbrushes to color your sketch. Paintbrushes, like most materials, are very affordable if you buy craft supplies online. There’s no limit to the design and color options, so you’ll never have to worry about a knock-off.

It may take a few coats to get the color and coverage that you want, but be patient; the shoes won’t get up and walk away on their own.

Finally, be sure to allow the designs plenty of time to dry. In just a little while, you’ll be stepping out in style.

woman sitting at a sewing machine

Using Scraps of Fabric to Make Jewelry

We all have moments of creativity from time to time, and getting in touch with your artistic side does not have to be expensive. A great way to tap into your talent is by using scraps of fabric to make jewelry. Old clothing in your closet could be the secret to your next statement piece. With those time tattered shirts, blouses, and tank tops, you can make beautiful new additions to your wardrobe.

The various fabric stores in Long Beach, CA, are great places to find inspiration for clothing and accessories. Some of the more popular ideas include:

Fabric Balls: Take your small squares of cloth, scrunch them up into balls, and tie them with ribbon and voila! A new bracelet or necklace emerges.

Fabric Flowers: Extra decals from old purses or sweaters can be sewn together for a bold statement piece.

T-Shirts:  Cut up your old shirts, weave them together, and you can easily end up with a new headband for your hair, a funky new bracelet, or a new necklace for your collection.

At any of the fabric stores in Long Beach, CA, there are many different types of bits and bobs to tie your loose ends together. Sparkly stones, bright buttons, or even some metallic threads, are all great extras that take your one-of-kind jewelry piece to a whole new level. Whatever you do, take pride in your work because it can never be duplicated, only adored.

living room with stylish throw pillows

Refresh Your Living Room with DIY Throw Pillows

Some throw pillows are hideous. Some are expensive. Some are both.

If you don’t have throw pillows and you want to add a few beautiful examples to your home décor, why not make your own? It’s not only an economical option, but it’s also fun as well.

You may be thinking that you’re creatively challenged and couldn’t make something as simple as a cloth napkin, let alone a pillow, but our staff at Fabric Barn Inc. want to encourage you to start snipping and sewing. We are among the most well-known fabric stores in Long Beach, CA, and we’ve put together this blog post to give you motivation for creating your own DIY throw pillows for the living room.

It’s relatively inexpensive to make your own pillows as long as you have access to a sewing machine and don’t have to buy a new one. All you need from a material standpoint is fabric, batting, and accents such as ribbons. Of course, you will also need the other tools of the trade to create your masterpieces, so make sure you have scissors, a tape measure, a ruler, and stick pins. Then it’s all just a matter of stitching the pieces together, stuffing them, and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

You can find all of these materials and supplies at our fabric store in Long Beach, CA, along with some encouragement if you get stuck or are a bit hesitant about starting.

unique home décor

Creating Affordable Home Décor by Getting Crafty

Take a look around your home and think about what you see. Is your fashion sense not reflected in the quality of the items you have on display? Is your stylish flair minimized and muted by some misguided fashion decisions from the past? A “yes” or a thoughtful pause followed by “well” means that it’s time to consider breathing some new life into your décor.

You can do this without breaking the bank by choosing all your materials and supplies from an online craft store such as ours at Fabric Barn Inc. Online stores allow you to look around your home while you’re shopping and picture what you will need to refresh and renew the design accents of your home. It couldn’t be easier to get the fabrics and colors and textures that will evoke the sensations and reactions you’re seeking.

The only limit to upgrading the accessories you have and creating new ones is the limit of your imagination. You can explore daring new designs and fashion trends without breaking the bank if you use affordable supplies that you’ve bought from an online craft store. The convenience of an online retailer means that you can shop and begin the décor transformation of your home whenever the mood strikes.

skeins on yarn on a wooden background

How to Choose Yarn for a Crochet Project

Crocheting is a great hobby. Like many crafters, you may want to buy yarn online for your next project: it’s quick and convenient! However, if you are starting, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. This post will cover a few of the basics of picking the right materials for your crochet project.

First, let’s go over the materials. There are three popular types of yarn material that are suited for beginners: wool, cotton, and acrylic. Wool is among the most popular as it is flexible and resilient. Cotton is a smart choice if you want your piece to hold its shape better. Meanwhile, acrylic is popular for its value-oriented cost and wide availability of colors.

Another characteristic you need to consider is the weight. In this sense, “weight” is the thickness of a yarn thread. The higher the number, the thicker the yarn will be. Beginners may want to try their hands at a medium-weight yarn, which is typically #4. Also, take note of your crochet hooks. They may have a recommended weight to use with them as well.

Other things you may want to note when buying yarn online include texture, pricing, color selection, and available yardage. Selecting the yarn that is right for you ultimately comes down to the types of projects you want to complete. So whether you want to get some practice in or are planning on crafting a scarf, always remember that the kind of materials you work with will set the tone for the entire experience.

woman cutting fabric

Tips for Selecting Fabric

Fabric is a versatile material. It can make beautiful outfits, comforting bedsheets, tablecloths, and so much more. When starting your next project, it is important to consider what kind of fabric best meets your needs. Today, we will go over a few tips when selecting fabric for your next project. Keep these points in mind the next time you visit one of your local fabric stores in Long Beach, CA.

First things first: are you working with a pattern? In many cases, the designers for patterns already have a specific material in mind, so it’s best to do things according to their directions. Choosing a different material from what is listed may drastically affect the appearance of your finished work.

Next, it’s time to talk about the materials themselves. There are many different types of fabric, such as cotton, satin, and chiffon–to name a few. All of these fabrics have distinct characteristics that can make them the perfect selection for one project, but not necessarily another one. Your skill level is also a factor. If you are starting to craft with fabric, consider an easy-to-manipulate material like medium-weight cotton.

When selecting your fabric, consider the following factors:


  • How It Feels
  • Whether the Fabric Is Natural, Synthetic, or Chemically Treated
  • The Care Instructions

Fabric opens up a world of craft ideas. You can turn your projects into household items or a fashion statement. It all begins with your ideas–and the materials. Visit your local fabric store and discover your options.

art supplies surrounding a blank notebook

Get a New Hobby for the New Year

Have you been meaning to try a new hobby? Finding and enjoying a hobby you love will enrich your life. Hobbies fill our leisure hours and even allow us to learn new skills. Do you have a long-neglected hobby from childhood or your early adult life that has fallen by the wayside because of the hustle and bustle of daily life? Now is the time to become reacquainted.

Good for You

These fun diversions are good stress relievers and can clearly contribute to our good health. Improved cognitive skills and better mental alertness can be traced to the artistic and precision work that many hobbies require. There’s a pleasing sense of accomplishment as well when we do or make something special.

At Fabric Barn Inc., we’re passionate about hobbies. Our online craft store has everything you need to start your new hobby. From fabric to felt to floral supplies, you’ll find it all right here. The highest quality products at the best prices await every hobbyist. We’re a craft store with many resources to motivate you and offer instruction. Browsing our endless supply of stock will provide you with plenty of ideas, and the many colors, textures, and shapes are sure to get those creative juices flowing.

homemade holiday wreath

Create Your Own Holiday Decorations

There’s nothing like creating your own holiday decorations to make the season merrier. Skip the store-bought décor this year and instead, go for a traditional look, with decorative embellishments that ring true to yesteryear.

Make your home cozy and warm with Christmas tree ornaments reminiscent of simpler times with materials bought at a craft supply store such as Fabric Barn Inc., the amazing art supply store in Long Beach, CA. These stores have all of your art supplies, as well as plenty of recommendations to get you started.

Quality Art Supplies

Quality products mean long-lasting decorations that can be cherished and handed down to your children and grandchildren. At Fabric Barn Inc., everything we stock is top-of-the-line.

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to try your hand at tabletop, tree, or larger, free-standing ornaments. Browse some magazines or online holiday websites for inspiration. Check out pictures of homes all decked out with each room decorated for the season.

Color Combos 

Color combinations that seem to go hand-in-hand include silver and blue, gold and silver, all white, and of course, the traditional red and green. The sky really is the limit when it comes to color combos. Unleash your imagination or complement your existing room décor. Whatever you choose to create, Fabric Barn Inc. has the supplies at affordable prices.