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Quarantine Craft Ideas

Many people are stumped about what to do for fun or how to entertain the kids during the quarantine. We’ve rewatched all the Harry Potter movies. We’ve rearranged our kitchens and even given exercise more focus. Well, if you’re in need of some more inspiration, here are some awesome examples of easy craft projects you can try during the coronavirus quarantine. Pop to an online craft store to order some supplies and give these craft projects a try.

Quarantine Cardboard Art – The easiest quarantine craft to do at home! Turn all your Amazon delivery boxes into colorful wall art by cutting out geometric shapes, painting them with acrylic paint, and gluing them together into abstract wall art.

Ribbon Vases – Gather all your ribbon scraps and get a square or rectangular glass vase. Glue the ribbons to the outside of the vase to give it a colorful makeover. Maybe you can even add some pom-pom trim. You can find lots of ribbon at an online craft store if you don’t have any ribbon scraps on hand.

Wine Cork Vases – Many people are drinking a little more wine while stuck at home, so put those corks to some creative use. If you have started a collection of wine corks, this is a fun way to show them off. Glue them to a rectangular tall glass vase.

Cupcake Wrapper Wreath – If you have some cupcake liners in your pantry, flatten them and layer them on top of each other to create colorful flowers, and then glue them to a styrofoam wreath form.

homemade hair bows

Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Oversized hair clips are quite trendy lately. They are easy to use, they look great in all lengths and types of hair, and they give a little pop of interest to your outfit. Pearl, raffia-wrapped, and statement clips are having their heyday, so why don’t you have a bit of crafting fun and make your own? Just buy craft supplies online, including a pack of plain hair clips, to create some unique hair accessories. Here are a few ideas.

Pearl Clip

If you include a bag of faux pearls when you buy craft supplies online, you can make an easy pearl clip. You can use all one size of pearl or different sizes. Use hot glue to attach the pearls, or you can also use super glue gel. If the pearls have holes for stringing, place the holes facing each other so you can’t see them. You may want to use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to place really small beads. Make sure to let the glue fully set until your clip is ready to wear.

Raffia Clip

If you get a bag of colored raffia when you buy craft supplies online, you can make a raffia clip. You will need to use either a rectangular clip or one that has the cutout in the middle so that you can wrap raffia all the way around the frame. Hot glue works well for this clip, as you can glue it to the frame and then wrap it around itself a few times for stability. Just keep wrapping until the whole thing is covered and glue the end in place underneath the clip.